Archery Tag Singapore Memory Lane

Every single person who has played Archery Tag with us, ever since we first started it in Singapore, forms a special part in our memory lane.

Here are some of our clients over the years.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Year 2021

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Year 2020
Despite Covid-19, we were still able to organize several Archery Tag events in Singapore, before and after Circuit Breaker!
Briefing for Archery Tag
Pre-Covid in Jan 2020, held for 60 over students.
Outdoors Archery Tag
Held for students in their school's soccer field.
20 Students Archery Tag
Organized in the school's MPH
Cohesion Team Building
50 pax Archery Tag team building
Cohesion at MPH
Archery Tag cohesion for 20 pax held in an MPH
Department Team Building
Archery Tag team building we held at Turf City
Small Group Cohesion
1 hour Archery Tag program we held for 11 pax
School Event
Archery Tag games for students in their orientation camp.
Covid Phase 2 Archery Tag
Held for a small group after Circuit Breaker.
10 pax Archery Tag
Post Covid department cohesion event.
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Year 2019
Students Archery Tag
200 students play Archery Tag with us in an epic event!
Home Team
Archery Tag cohesion game for our macho Home Team officers!
Corporate Team Building
25 pax Corporate Team Building Archery Tag event
Carnival Archery Booth
Shoot a couple of arrows with our Archery Tag coaches' guidance at a carnival!
School Event
300 students play Archery Tag with us, and we brought the game down to their school!
Corporate Team Building
Archery Tag team building for 35 pax
Team Building
Castle Defence Team building event for 40 pax
Night Game!
Team Building at Night Time for 20 pax!
Republic Polytechnic
Team Building for RP Lecturers!
Singapore Police Force
109 officers' Archery Tag cohesion event!
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Year 2018
Chang Airport Archery Tag
Whether it's 10 pax or 100 pax, we are delighted to bring fun and enjoyment to our clients.
After-Exams Archery Tag
Panoramic view of a massive Archery Tag battlefield we setup for the students!
Singapore Navy
50 pax Archery Tag game held at the beautiful Bedok Reservoir Park!
Singapore Armed Forces
Held at the newly built Tampines Hub, we organized an Archery Tag for 50 of our Singapore soldiers.
Samurai Archery Tag
Using our special Japanese bows, we organized a Samurai themed Archery Tag corporate team building event for our client!
Singapore Armed Forces
Department Cohesion Archery Tag
Conducted in an outdoor futsal court.
Republic of Singapore Air Force
Department Competition
Conducted in an indoor sports hall
School Camp
20 hours Marathon Archery Tag for the students!
Our instructors actually slept-over at the campsite in order to make this event happen.
Bedok Green Secondary School
Archery Tag game for the students' school camp.
Junyuan Secondary School
Archery Tag cohesion game for the students!
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Year 2017
100 pax Team Building!
Archery Tag for a big company with 100 pax coming to play!
Fort Canning Archery Tag
Department team building for Ministry of Manpower Singapore
Samurai Archery Tag
Traditional 2.3 metres long Japanese bows!
Team Cohesion @ The Cage
Archery Tag at The Cage, conveniently located near Stadium MRT
Friends' Casual Game
Held at West Coast Park. Great scenery!
Year-End Cohesion
Archery Tag event for the department to end the year with a bang!
Father-Daughter Archery Tag
Unique family bonding game for an All-Girl School
Company Team Building
Archery Tag team building at Kovan Sports Centre
Marina Fire Station Team Building
Archery Tag for our brave guys from Marina Fire Station!
60 Pax Company Team Building
Archery Tag for a company that's mostly made up of ladies!
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Year 2016
Corporate Team Building
Department team building for Johnson & Johnson
NP Samurai Archery Tag
Department Team Building for Ngee Ann Polytechnic, with traditional Japanese bows.
Cool Kids Event
Archery Tag event for youths
Pulau Ubin Archery Tag
Yes, we brought our equipment across the sea to run the game at Pulau Ubin!
SCDF Archery Tag
Platoon Archery Tag for our brave SCDF guys!
Kids Archery Tag Event
Fun holiday Archery Tag game for the kids!
Archery Tag @ Punggol
Held on an open field in Punggol for these adventurous youths!
Fort Canning Hill Park
Archery Tag department cohesion at the scenic Fort Canning Hill Park
NTU Orientation Camp
Archery Tag for the freshmen at NTU in 2016
Department Archery Tag team building for Singapore General Hospital staff.
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Year 2015
Defence Science Technology Agency
Department team building for DSTA at Kovan Sports Centre
Netball Girls Archery Tag
For Jurong West Secondary School netball students
Singapore Navy
Platoon team building for our Singapore Navy guys!
Boys Brigade Cohesion
Archery Tag for our BB boys from St Hilda's Secondary School
Department Cohesion
Archery Tag at Changi Beach Park, can you believe!?
ST Engineering
Company team building with Archery Tag at Kovan Sports Centre
Samurai Archery Tag NLB
Department cohesion for National Library Board with Japanese bows
Archery Tag Birthday Party
Girls love Archery Tag for their birthday parties!
Friends' Casual Game
Archery Tag for a group of friends at Zion Sports Club
Students' Archery Tag
CCA Archery Tag event for Montfort Secondary School
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Year 2014
Methodist Girls School Teachers
Archery Tag event for the teachers, at Changi Beach Park!
Kids Birthday Archery Tag
We taught the kids how to shoot, at Tanjong Rhu!
Republic of Singapore Air Force
Platoon Archery Tag cohesion, at Ubersports East Coast Park
Zion Birthday Party
Archery Tag birthday party for kids at Zion Sports Club
East Coast Park Archery Tag
Friends' gathering for a fun casual game at East Coast Park.
Girls' Birthday Party
Archery Tag celebration for girls at Golazo Futsal in Jurong.
Monetary Authority of Singapore
Department team building for MAS at Ubersports East Coast Park.
Friends Casual Archery Tag
Huge group of friends gathering for a fun game of Archery Tag
Adult Playground 2014
Major beach event at Sentosa, and we ran the Archery Tag segment for them!
Olympic Day 2014
Archery Tag for students for Olympic Day 2014 at West Coast Park!
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Year 2013
Orchid Park Secondary School
Archery Tag for the students in their school's soccer field.
Ministry of Manpower
Department cohesion Archery Tag at Premier Pitch.
Company Team Building
Archery Tag event at East Coast Park Ubersports.
Boys' Birthday Party
Archery Tag party at Golazo Futsal in Jurong.
45 Pax Team Building
Company Archery Tag team building.
Citco Fund Services
Archery Tag cohesion for the department.
Canberra Secondary School
Archery Tag for the NCDCC boys and girls.
Adrenalin Events
Archery Tag team building for a social enterprise!
Singapore Prison Service
Department cohesion Archery Tag game at East Coast Park
60 Pax Team Building
Big group Archery Tag event for the company!
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School Event

Archery Tag games for students in their orientation camp.