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Archery Tag Singapore

Testimonials & Reviews

What has people over the years said about playing Archery Tag with us?
Let's check it out.

Review by Jodell about Archery Tag Singapore

In May 2019, our client wanted to organize an Archery Tag for her crew, but venues were fully booked. We rushed to secure a good venue for them, and provided maps & support to make sure everything is smooth.

Jodell said, "Our guests enjoyed themselves greatly and the whole experience was a very fun-filled one! Looking forward to working with Archery Battle again :)"

Thank you for giving us the privilege to serve you. =)

Review from SAF army client for Archery Tag Singapore

In Aug 2018, Army Officer Ivan was trying to organize an Archery Tag game for 35 of his guys to have some fun & bonding. But his budget only allowed for 20 pax.

Nevertheless, we managed to source a venue suitable for him, and also creatively came up with an arrangement for 35 of his guys to play, while not exceeding his budget.

Officer Ivan said, "Thanks guys! The conduct was great! Thanks for the guidance! My guys enjoyed themselves to day!"

Thank you for serving Singapore!

Archery Tag Singapore review of high quality equipment

In July 2018, we received a phone call from our client, Min. She had a bad experience with another Archery Tag vendor, claiming that their equipment were poor quality and poorly maintained.


After explaining to her how we do things, and the equipment that we use, Min chose to give us a try.


At the end of the Archery Tag game we organized for her department, she said "I can really see a huge difference between your company and xxxxxxxxx. Your facilitator is very very professional and the equipment are definitely high quality.

We are glad that we delivered our best quality and service to Min.

Amur review of Kids Archery Tag birthday game

In Oct 2018, we organized an Archery Tag for lower secondary students in a school. For kids and teens Archery Tag games, we actually have lighter equipment, so that it's more suitable for them to use.

Amur, the school teacher said, "Thank you very much. The kids enjoyed themselves. Many others (students) also wanted to experience Archery Tag. Have a nice weekend!"

We are grateful for Amur's kind words and appreciation for our service and quality. 

Review by Kang Li about company team building Archery Tag

In Dec 2016, we organized a year-end company team building Archery Tag event for our Kang Li. As the objective was to incorporate teamwork into the players, we came up with some unique gameplay missions to help them achieve that.

Kang Li said, "We had a company retreat with Battle Archery Tag and the team truly enjoyed the experience! Jack, who facilitated our session, was enthusiastic and drove the session well. He was patient with players who took longer to master the basics of archery. He was also flexible in his programme planning. When there were some time left, he introduced new variations of the game that were more and more interesting!"

Review by Jievanda of Archery Tag game for Singapore university students

In Sept 2016, Jievanda contacted us to organize an Archery Tag for her University Freshmen Orientation Camp, and we held the game inside the school's soccer field.

The participants were broken into teams, and had a competition to determine who is the grand champion!

Jievanda said, "Engaged Archery Tag for my school's freshmen orientation programme. The feedback from the participants were all very positive and they enjoyed themselves. The facilitators for the game is very amiable and they are very clear with their instructions."

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