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Archery Tag Organizer in Singapore

 Real Combat Bows. Real Experience 

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What is Archery Tag?

As the 1st company in Singapore to organize Archery Tag, we are privileged to spearhead this exciting combat game, allowing players to shoot each other with safe rubber arrows.

Defend your bases and wipe out the enemy forces, as you compete in a variety of mission modes that we have innovated over the years, as we constantly make the game more engaging.

Archery Tag can be played indoors or outdoors. From kids as young as 6 years old, to adults as old as 60+ years old, we have suitable games and equipment for all ages.


With high quality traditional combat bows, and equipment maintained by experienced Archers, we are determined to deliver an authentic Archery Tag experience to you.

Archery Tag is suitable for:
- corporate team building events

- cohesion, or casual fun with friends

- birthday parties (kids bows available!)

- carnivals

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Media Features

Being the 1st & biggest Archery Tag organizer in Singapore, we are proud and grateful to be featured prominently many times in various TV channels. Here are some of them.

Channel U TV feature of Archery Tag Singapore

Channel U

Channel 5 TV feature of Archery Tag Singapore

Channel 5

Channel Suria TV feature of Archery Tag Singapore

Channel Suria

Sport Singapore feature of Archery Tag

Sport Singapore

Adult Playground feature of Archery Tag Singapore

Adult Playground

Archery Tag Feature
by Singapore Sports Council

We were approached in 2014 to film a feature on Archery Tag to showcase how Archery is not only an Olympic sports, but also can be played as a fun team building game in Singapore.

We were delighted to help them, and filmed this segment at Jurong East, Pandan Gardens Leisure Park.


used in Archery Tag
Traditional Mongolian Bows for Combat Archery Tag
Combat Bows

We're the only Singapore company to use traditional Mongolian bows for Archery Tag games.

These are specially designed for combat archery, and more suitable for playing Archery Tag.

Foam Tip Arrows for Combat Archery Tag
Foam Tip Arrows

With a soft foam tip, our arrows are safe and pain-free for players to shoot at each other!

Suitable and safe for kids and adults to play together.

Foam Tip Arrows for Combat Archery Tag
Protective Mask

Each player will wear a full-face protective mask, for safety during Archery Tag games.

Each mask is disinfected before and after every game, to ensure maximum hygiene for you.

How To Play

Professional Archery Tag Singapore coaches
Archery Coach

Our coaches will first teach the basics of Archery and various safety points to take note of.

So don't worry even if you have never shot an arrow before!

Mock walls in Archery Tag Singapore team building events
Castle Walls

The battlefield will have obstacles that look like castle walls.


Defend your base against the enemy team!

Different game modes and missions in Archery Tag Singapore

You will get to play a variety of mission modes during the game. Some are easier, some are more challenging. 

But all requires teamwork if you want to win!

Why Us?

In The Business

We are the 1st company to start running Archery Tag games in Singapore, and therefore the most experienced.


Entrust us with your Archery Tag event in Singapore, and we will make sure everything runs as smooth as silk.

Quality Equipment

To make sure our clients get the best experience, we only use the best equipment.

That's why we use only traditional Mongolian bows, which costs 4 to 5 times more than a normal bow!

Safety & Service

Archery Tag Singapore provides the best in safety, because our equipment are verified and checked by experienced Archers before each game.

  Basic Package  

For larger events, we can cater for more Archery Tag equipment !

10 sets of
Bows & Foam Arrows
Archery Tag Singapore Bows Safe Foam Arrows
Archery Tag Singapore Obstacles Walls
For Cover
Archery Tag Singapore Protective Safety Face Mask
Protective Gear
For Safety
Game Referees
& Facilitators
Archery Tag Singapore Team Building Events
Variety of
Game Modes
to Clients

Latest Event: 20 pax Archery Tag Night Game!

In Feb 2020, we organized an Archery Tag night time game for our client of 20 pax. Playing at night has a different atmosphere, and it's also more cooling and comfortable to sweat it out!

Past Event: 50 pax Archery Tag Cohesion

On Jan 2020, we started off the year with a 50 pax Archery Tag cohesion event for our armed forces men and women! Check out the photos as they had a medieval battle with bows and arrows with us!

Past Event: 35 pax Archery Tag Team Building

On June 2019, we organized a corporate team building event for 35 pax. We started off with some practice shooting first, guided by our coaches, before they began the game proper.