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Commonly Asked Questions in Archery Tag Singapore

What are some of the common questions and concerns that you might have when organizing an Archery Tag game? Here we answer some of them for you.

1) Is it tiring or physically intensive?

Archery Tag's physical exertion level is about the same or maybe slightly lower than playing Tennis or Badminton. There is some moving around as you shift from one spot to another spot, but definitely not as much as sports like Soccer.

Hence in terms of physical intensity, it is acceptable to most people. Even 60 years old senior management have played Archery Tag with us!

2) What should I wear?

As with any sporty games, sports attire will be recommended with covered shoes. Casual wear is fine as well. Basically anything that you're comfortable moving around and sweating in. We've had people wearing shirt and tie playing before too.

3) Can kids play Archery Tag?

Yes! We have bows which are smaller and easier to use, so that kids can play too!

4) Is it safe for pregnant ladies to play Archery Tag?

We will not recommend Archery Tag for pregnant ladies, as the arrows might hit them in the tummy region. However, we do have special arrangements for pregnant ladies if they're part of your team. Contact us to discuss some possible solutions for your event.

5) What is the minimum & maximum pax to play Archery Tag?

Minimally, we will need 10 pax for a 5-against-5 game. Any smaller and the game may not be so fun. On the other hand, we've held Archery Tag games for up to 1000 pax before.

6) Must I wear a Safety Mask? Is it painful?

Yes, a protective face mask is a must. The arrow, though fitted with a rubber tip, may still hit fragile areas on the face, like the eyes or nose. Hence, all players must wear a face mask when playing.

Getting shot on other parts of the body is fine. The feeling is about the same as someone rolling up some newspaper and hitting you with it.

7) How many arrows does each player gets?

Archery Tag is different from other shooting games like Paintball, in the sense that the arrows are reusable. After an arrow has been shot and lands on the floor, anyone may pick it up and shoot with it again. Hence, the supply of arrows is virtually unlimited.

Do you have any further questions? Please feel free to contact us and we will help you in organizing an awesome Archery Tag event!


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