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20 Hours Archery Tag Marathon!

Our client asked if we can organize an Archery Tag program for their school camp for 3 days straight, and we said "YES!". Our facilitators slept overnight at the campsite to run Archery Tag for 20+ hours!

Archery Tag Singapore basic coaching

The students were first taught the basics of Combat Archery, as well as safety pointers to look out for. They had some time to do some practice shooting first, before we begin the actual competition.

Girl power! Archery Tag Singapore

The girls were fiercely competitive, coming out from cover only at the right moment to shoot. Guys, be careful!

Hiding in the shade - Archery Tag Singapore

Eh, don't think we never see ah. Your teammates all in the sun, but only you hiding in the shade. Teamwork is the key to victory!

Tag team spirit - Archery Tag Singapore

These 2 guys tag team very well. One shoots while the other reloads.

Sneaky sneaky retrieve arrow - Archery Tag Singapore

Wah, so smart, sneaky sneaky retrieve arrow from underneath the wall.

Thank you for giving us the privilege to organize this Archery Tag marathon event. We look forward to see all of you again soon!

Battle Archery Tag Singapore - Pioneer & Biggest Organizer

Contact: 9786 9083


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