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Archery Tag for Canberra Secondary School

To kick-start a brand new year in school, we were tasked to organize an Archery Tag game for Canberra Secondary School's Boys & Girls' Brigade.

We brought all the equipment and setup the game in their soccer field. The sun was bright and warm, but not too hot, just nice for some outdoor fun with Archery Tag!

Before the start of the actual game, we taught basic Archery skills to the students first, and then gave them some time to do some solo target practice.

After about 10 minutes of practice, it's battle time! Students were split and organized into teams, as they compete with one another to become the Archery Tag champion team of the day.

Don't look down on the girls. They show just as much fighting spirit and competitiveness as the guys!

Thank you for playing Archery Tag with us, Canberra Secondary School.

Good luck and best wishes for a brand new year!

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