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Archery Tag Singapore Carnival Event 1000pax!

We are privileged to be chosen by our client, not once but twice in a row to run an Archery Tag battle game station for their carnival event!

The game was held in their gigantic soccer field, and we were proud to erect mock stone walls, as the players fought to defend their castle base!

Players tactically hide behind cover, while the enemy players taunt them with a "Come at me, bro!" posture with arms wide open. Teach them a lesson, blue team!

Because all ages were attending this carnival, so we had kids' bows as well. This allow the kids to play together with their parents.

A true warrior Archery Tag player don't need to hide behind cover. He will eliminate his enemies with his accuracy.

The kids had fun by trying to shoot altogether at once, simulating a "rain of arrows" as we commonly see in the movies!

There were a lot of people queuing up to play Archery Tag at this carnival. Thank you for playing with us, and we look forward to see you soon!

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